You’ve Got Wheels and I Wanna Go For A Ride

I can haz ride?

Hello my friends and fans!

As some of you may know this is my birthday week and I am turning the ripe old age of.. well we dont need to get into all of that!

2020 was a challenging year to say the least and was a year of great sadness, great resiliency and ultimately of great hope.

Over the last year I broke up with my long term partner, moved across town, was laid off, and lost my main mode of transit. I have not had a car for almost a year now and the time comes for me to get mobile again.

This last year has proved challenging getting around town on a bus system that is inefficient, de-humanizing and ultimately oppressive. Though I am privileged to be able to navigate this broken system I was still spending between 2-4 hours on the bus traveling to my job, my responsibilities or other errands eating up much of the productivity of my day. Particularly when these destinations would take no longer to get to and from than 20 minutes.

For my very special 29th* birthday I am asking for your help to raise $2000 to get a little truck to help me get from here to there in a reasonable time. Raising this money will not only help me secure a car, but also provide a little extra for any immediate fixes that need done and registration.

By helping me get around with ease you will not only be helping me personally and professionally, but helping the causes I serve to in our community be tended to better, in a timely manner and not at the mental fatigue of inconsistent transit.

I am ready to move through 2021 with ease, could you help? If you are interested in helping me out by donating the gift of transportation please use the links below to donate what you can!


I really appreciate my community and am lucky to call you all my friends and family! Every little bit helps!

Here is to our first submission to the magazines TRUCK SLUTS!

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